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Check Out Our Clothes for Women
natural clothes for women

natural clothes for women

Women's Clothes
Soft natural apparel for women.

Flattering Fit

Clothes that are silky soft to the touch and drape beautifully for a flattering fit on you! You can look your best in bamboo women's fashion clothing in a variety of cuts, colors and styles.

Affordable Luxury - One Touch and You Will be hooked!

Clothing that feels soft as cashmere against your skin. It has an incredible hand that feels much like heavy silk.

Odor Resistant

Bamboo "kun" is the naturally occurring component of bamboo fiber that imparts natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Great for Athletes

The natural antibacterial properties means that your clothes stay fresh smelling longer when you work out.

Energy and Water Savings - Good for the Environment

Since the clothes can be worn longer without retaining odors, they don't require washing as often. You can also wash them in cold water and they will come out sweet smelling unlike other fibers. You save on electricity and water and can feel good about your part to preserve the environment.
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3/4 Crew 2 Tone Athletic Sock3/4 Crew 2 Tone Athletic SockSoft, comfortable, breathable workout and every day socks!
3/4 Crew Striped Bamboo Athletic Sock3/4 Crew Striped Bamboo Athletic SockSoft, comfortable, breathable workout and every day socks!
Athletic 3/4 Crew Socks Solid WhiteAthletic 3/4 Crew Socks Solid White
Bamboo Fiber Diabetic SockBamboo Fiber Diabetic SockSoft, comfortable, breathable, non-binding diabetic socks!
Black No Look Bamboo Athletic SockBlack No Look Bamboo Athletic SockSoft, comfortable, breathable every day socks!
Ladies Cap Sleeve TeeLadies Cap Sleeve Tee
Ladies Long Sleeve TopLadies Long Sleeve Top
Ladies Roots 1/4 Ankle Sock TanLadies Roots 1/4 Ankle Sock Tan
Ladies Striped TopLadies Striped Top
Men's Bamboo Dress SockMen's Bamboo Dress Sock
Sleep SlipSleep Slip
Unisex Style Tee in PinkUnisex Style Tee in Pink
Unisex Tee 70% Viscose from Bamboo 30% Organic CottonUnisex Tee 70% Viscose from Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton
Women's Bamboo LeggingsWomen's Bamboo Leggings
Women's Black 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck ShirtWomen's Black 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Shirt
Women's Blend HoodieWomen's Blend Hoodie
Women's Green Flower Applique HoodieWomen's Green Flower Applique Hoodie
Women's Low Cut Patterned SockWomen's Low Cut Patterned Sock
Women's Royal Blue Spaghetti TankWomen's Royal Blue Spaghetti Tank
Women's Tangerine 3/4 Sleeve ShirtWomen's Tangerine 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
Women's V-Neck TeeWomen's V-Neck Tee
Women's White Spaghetti TankWomen's White Spaghetti Tank
Women's Yoga Capri PantsWomen's Yoga Capri Pants
Women's Yoga PantsWomen's Yoga Pants